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  • In Utah, criminal defense can be difficult because of the state’s conservative roots. When you go to court, you need a strong, committed attorney to protect your rights. Don’t get railroaded.
  • I want to defend you. I want you to be free. I want you to win.
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Call me now. You need an attorney who will work hard to accomplish your goals and fight your charges. Let my team start fighting for you. We know how to win – see our extensive track record.

- Kelly Ann Booth


Kelly Ann Booth

Were you arrested for DUI?

  • In Utah, DUI is a serious offense. On a first conviction, a court can sentence you to 6 months in jail and an $1850 fine.
  • Don’t let either happen to you.
  • We’ll keep you out of jail, minimize any fine, and help you keep your license.
  • We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you.
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Our team of experienced DUI Attorneys individually analyze your case. When you come in, we’ll schedule a hearing with the Driver’s License Division to save your license!

- We’ve represented hundreds of people in DUI cases.

Accused of Domestic Violence?

  • Is your spouse using domestic violence charges to influence a divorce, child custody, child support, or alimony proceeding?
  • Don’t be manipulated. A single domestic violence conviction leads to a lifetime of consequences.
  • Don’t get labeled as an abuser. We’ll fight back and win.
We often get charges dismissed. Our team will help create a game plan to fight your charges. Often “victims” just want the family to work things out alone. We’ll help.

Business Deal Gone Bad?

  • When people lose money in an investment, the look for someone to blame. Whether accused by the government or by an individual, so-called white collar crime allegations can devastate a lifetime of work.
  • Act now. We’ll prevent bad luck from turning into jail time.


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Recent Victories

  • 12/14/2015-Assault -Domestic Violence WON. Dismissed prior to Trial.
  • 12/10/2015- DUI-Metabolite DUI DISMISSED after independent testing of blood and proof of prescription.
  • 12/01/2015- Assault -Domestic Violence Case DISMISSED prior to trial.
  • 11/20/2015- Interference with Arrest WON. ACQUITTED at Trial.
  • 11/16/2015- DUI & Felony Drug Distribution REDUCED to MISDEMEANOR! DUI DISMISSED
  • 11/10/2015- Retail Theft WON. ACQUITTED at Trial.
  • 11/06/2015- Distribution. WON. Charge Dismissed.
  • 11/02/2015- Assault -Domestic Violence. WON. Dismissed.
  • Go to our Track Record page to see some victories of cases we’ve litigated.

Our promise to you

We can’t guarantee victory; no credible attorney can. But we understand how difficult this process is and we guarantee that we can make it easier:

  • We’ll listen to your story.
  • We’ll pay attention to the details that make your case unique .
  • We’ll be thorough and aggressive in pursuing your interests.
  • We’ll be available to answer all your questions.
  • We’ll respond promptly to all your phone calls and messages.

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